ponedeljek, 20. oktober 2014

Onerepublic, 19.10.

It was so amazing. My favourite song at the moment and 10000 people singing it together. It was really a great show! They are just so inspiring. Seize every moment, seize every moment. <3

sobota, 18. oktober 2014

Adventure park time

It was last Wednesday when I got an email, that said just: Excellent opportunity! Sign up now! And as soon I realised that it was about 40 places left for a free day in the Adventure park, I did. I was in as soon as I read zipline. And it was a great day.

We went to the estate in the Wicklow mountains, south of Dublin (click). What was so great was that I got to spent the whole day with irish students, as I spend most of the time here with Erasmus people. They were a lot of fun and into all kinds of challenges we had to do. So I found myself running in the bog, trying to collect points, doing archery and even climbing to the top of 10m high column with 2 peoprle already on the top, leaning backwards holding hands and jumping down. (So proud of myself for the last one!) So you know, the usual stuff:) Photos are not the best, but the weather was kinda irish, so bear with me. The best comes at the end: our team was the best one out of 15 and there were prizes and champagne:)

 Grand! :)

nedelja, 12. oktober 2014


Glendalough (click) is a remote valley amongst the Wicklow mountains, part of the Wicklow mountaions national park. It is a site of an acient monastery and also great beauty and serenity today. In the summer time it is over populated with turists, but as we visited it, we had all the time and place we needed to enjoy the nature and the acient ruins.

Glendalough contains of two lakes (lower and upper lake) and many hiking trails lead around them. You can choose tho walk any distance between 1 and 20 km, so we settled for 10.

Firstly we checked the monastic site, which used to be populated since 498 AD when young monk Kevin came there to meditate in peace and wilderness. Soon crowds of pilgrimes came to emulate hime, Glendalough became Irelands biggest monastic site. In some form it was populated until 17th cantury. Today we can see the ruins on the blooming community.

After the sight-seeing we decided to take the walking route, that lead around the both lakes. In between we climbed 600 wooden steps, enjoyed the views from the top of the mountain and crossed the stream by jumping from one rock to another. Fun!:) We concluded the day with some hot tea/coffee/chocolate in the nearby Kevin's take-away. Well deserved.:)




My first month in Ireland


I just realised time is passing soo quickly! I've been in Ireland for more than a month and it feels like a week.. I did so many things and so many more adventures are still waiting for me ... So stay tuned for more!

Here are some of the snapshots of the past weeks, so you can see what I've been up to.

Can you guess what this is? :)

I miss u :(

Coffe break

Campus st night
So I went running ...
... by this beautiful canal ...

... and look who I run into :)


Our first photo together :)

Me &amp; Ben

In Dublin
Maynooth castle

Guinnes for life
So those are a few moments I wanted to share with you. I love it here and am not rushing back just yet!


ponedeljek, 06. oktober 2014


A beautiful Saturady, spent at the beautiful city.

Howth (click) is a beautiful sea-side resort, close to Dublin bay, but distant in terms of city-like atmosphere. The surroundings are very beautiful, unspoilt and photoghenic. So I'll let pictures do the takling about scenery, fish-loving and the best fich and chips in Ireland (locally approved!).

Local fish-market

 A fishing ship

A local

And together (by Vera)

The  port of Howth

Sailing boats

A share

 Some views

A beautiful day

A sailing competition, I think

W. B. Yeats lived here

My traveling company

You almost wish to go swimming

Steep coast
Some more views

Cliffs of Howth (by Kerstin) Isn't it amazing?

 And me

Enjoying the sun (by Kerstin)

Urška (by Vera)

Blue-blue sky

Making new friends
The way back

 Miami moment in Ireland
A must when in Howth: fish& chips! (by Vera)

And it was a  beautiful day!