sobota, 18. oktober 2014

Adventure park time

It was last Wednesday when I got an email, that said just: Excellent opportunity! Sign up now! And as soon I realised that it was about 40 places left for a free day in the Adventure park, I did. I was in as soon as I read zipline. And it was a great day.

We went to the estate in the Wicklow mountains, south of Dublin (click). What was so great was that I got to spent the whole day with irish students, as I spend most of the time here with Erasmus people. They were a lot of fun and into all kinds of challenges we had to do. So I found myself running in the bog, trying to collect points, doing archery and even climbing to the top of 10m high column with 2 peoprle already on the top, leaning backwards holding hands and jumping down. (So proud of myself for the last one!) So you know, the usual stuff:) Photos are not the best, but the weather was kinda irish, so bear with me. The best comes at the end: our team was the best one out of 15 and there were prizes and champagne:)

 Grand! :)

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