ponedeljek, 22. september 2014

Indian summer

So we're having an indian summer here in Maynooth! (Meaning it hasnt rained since I arrived to this allways-raining land about two weeks ago - and I'm loving it.) So today I had my first lecture - nothing special, though, just an introduction and having one lecture a day is definitely the trend here, I have one or at most two lectures a day most days of the week. And tomorrow I dont have anything so I tought I would do some exploring. Will report how it goes.
So what Ive been up to these past few days? Nothing epic, but it was nice. Just hanging around with some Erasmus people (mostly theology students, surprisingly), walking around Maynooth, discovering some jogging paths, walking paths, frisbee-playing fields:), watching some gaelic football, going to mass on sunday, having a picnic at the campus ... It was a relaxed and enjoyable few days.
I am very lucky that I have two great girls for my room-mates and we are definitely planning some more adventures together. Will see where the path leads us! :)

I'm not sure you can see, but on the picture is our georgeous campus at the sunset. Really feeling like I'm living in a Harry Potter story!

Will write soon, love,
(Some people can ever pronounce my name correctly!)

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