ponedeljek, 29. september 2014

Dublin evening: Old soliders never die, they simply fade away

Yesterday me and some Erasmus friends spent a lovely evening in Dublin. The city is 25k eastly, meaning one hour by bus (Slovenian speed;)).
But if you've ever been to the city of Dublin you know how lovely it is.
We went to check out the St. Patricks chatedral and enjoyed the eve song. Later we've walked around the chatedral and I noticed some really old flags. The tradition goes, that when the soliders return home from a battle, they hang their flags inside the chatedral (since 19th century) in the memory of their lost brothers in battle. The flags are then left to disintegrate on their own, as the saying Old soliders never die, they simply fade away by General Macarthur suggests. Cool, a?

Latter we walked around the Temple bar and finished up in McDonalds (of course). But I've still got one Dublin-goal: National Leprechaun Museum. The views on Liffey were amazing.

Photos by my friend Kerstin. :)

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