nedelja, 07. september 2014

Leaving for Ireland

Dolgi most, 4.44, Ljubljana, Slovenija.
Siting in a parked car, trying to sleep, since we arrived to early to the place where the minibus is going to pick up to take us to Venice, Airport. Its still one hour to go and then me, my boyfriend and my sister are leaving for Ireland. So excited and scared at the same time. Firstly we have nine days of holidays planed together in Killarney, Kerry and then my exchange program in Maynooth starts for real.

Ive wanted this for a long time, but still its kinda nerve-wrecking because I dont know what to expect. Its the first time away from home for me. But I love Ireland and I love discovering new places and meeting new people. So it should all work out great. Keep your fingers crossed!

The bus is about to come, gotta go.

Love, Urška

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