sobota, 27. september 2014

My school: National University of Ireland Maynooth

Hello everybody,

I thiks its time to tell you something about the beautiful town of Maynooth, where I'm currently living (click). With about 10,000 residents it's smaller than my home town Kamnik, but when the mid September arrives, the noumber of residents climbs up to 20,000. So as you can imagine, it's a realy a true university town. You get student discounts for EVERYthing, meanig food, gym, but also hairdresser and drugstore. It's a small and lively place, with one main street and pubs alongside. So far, we've tried three.

This is what my school looks like:

Welcome to the Hogwaths, riight? I'm in love with the looks of old campus.

And this ishat my lunch break looks like:

Starbucks on campus! :)

 Just enjoying the sun.

So as you can tell, I'm getting used to student life here and I'm loving it.

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