torek, 18. november 2014

Christmas market in Dublin

Dublin, Grafton Street (click)

Christmas indeed comes early to Ireland! From christmas music, decorations and christmas markets, all is set for the arrival of christmas here in Dublin! On the picture you see Grafton street, one of the main shopping streets in Dublin. The decorations are crazy, as are the crowds, live music is preformed on every corner and wintery food is sold in stores (one word: chocolate!).
Maria and me visited the Dublin book festival on Sunday, where we listened to some extremely talented poets battling out and enjoyed some bookshop browsing. After that we hit the streets of the city centre and went to see the christmas market. It smelled of mulled wine (my favourite), sugar, chocolate, christmasy things were being sold ... just like home. Even though its early, Im feeling it. Christmas is comming!

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