četrtek, 27. november 2014


I know, I know, its an american thing, however, when I heard International society will be organising it, I signed up. You know,  new experiences. It was overall a very lovely night, with a lot of good food and a lot of geting to know american people, who explained us the thanksgiving story and a little about american history (and geography). So here goes the story.

Around the time, when people were forced to change their beliefs here, on the old continend, a ship of 100 people (pilgrims) sailed from england to sail towards new country to live their life as they wanted to. However, when they arrived to Plymouth colony (todays Massachusetts) they realised that they are not able to farm the land, they occupied and as they were facind their terrible destiny, a native american came to their rescue. Squanto, who spoke english because of the time he spent in Europe as a slave (Much like St. Patrick:)), helped settlers, learned them how to cope with their new land, how to crow crops and how to farm. So at the end of growing season, on the last Thursday in November, they all ate a Thanksgiving dinner together, to say thank you for the successful year. (the original version: click)


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