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Surfing trip

Yes, you read it correctly! I went surfing! But lets start at the beginning ... :)

I havent written anything in a long time, since I was waiting to write this post. But when I came back from the trip, yet another trip was following (and an amaizing one - more on that soon), so I didnt have any time to write up until now - the first day back to school after our one week holiday (oficially 'study week' :D).

So my week begin with a trip to the west coast ( that sound so cool:D) to the Little town on Lahinch, Co. Claire (click.), which is known for sea, golfing and of course surfing! We got there on Monday afternoon and after tasting the local specialities (fish and chips) we went for a walk along the coast. We were wearing our coats and freezing (wind, rain), thinking that we're crazy, since we were planning to actually take our clothes off tomorrow and step into the sea, which also didnt look very pleasant. Of course, all was good, but at the time it didnt seem so. The evening was spent with company of other members of Maynooth surfing club in one of the pubs on the main street, listening to the traditional irish and country music.

The next morning, the real fun begun. After breakfast we went down to the beach (heh) and got our wet suits and also our surfing boards. Surprisingly, the suits felt vrey warm and the ocean was okay too. Than we lined up and our surfing instructors showed us some basic moves and techniques of surfing. Then, into the water we went! It was a great craic! Trying to avoid some waves and then to catch the others, trying to stand up on the board and not to get washed off to quickly. And waves keept comming and comming and by the end of the tho hour lesson, most of us managed to stand up on the surf for the first time. Super happy about that!

After the surfing, the afternoon was spent by enjoying the quiet town. I tried an irish specialty, seafood chowder, which is basically a rich seafood soup - delicious. We checked out some shops and had a little photoshooting on the beach. In the evening there was a little party at the hostel, I got to know some nice irish and international people.

The Wednesday, our final day, was also spent in the water. We were not so lucky with the weather this time, as it was a very cold morning and the waves were not so frequent as the previous day. Still, we got a nice day of surfing and ocean fun. So after a quick lunch in was time to return home.

After two days of surfing lessons I can say, that I can stand up on the surf and surf for a few seconds, if I am lucky with the wave I pick. And I can definitely say, that I would love to try it again. Though, maybe the next time in a warmer climamte! :)

Pub night

First lesson. Exciting!

Cool waves!  

For the first time! 

Me :)

And Leni, Melissa and Kerstin
The beach at sunset :)

Tired and cold, but happy :)

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