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Glendalough + Kilkenny

So, the day we visited Glendalough and Kilkenny was ... Irish. Meaning we had sun and rain change aproximately seven times during the day, with the fog in between. Nevertheless, this did not spoil the mood. Because Slovenian girls dont go down that easily!;)

Glendalough is known for being the biggest monastic site in medieval Ireland and probably one of the most serene and unspoilt parts of Wicklow mountains. Kilkenny is known for one of the most preserved medieval castles on one other thing: Ireland's second most popular beer, Kilkeny! So the places dont seem much alike. But the first impresion is different.



There is some resemblence, riight? But the lower one is much higher and on sunny days you can climb to the to top (which we certainly did:)).

Šalo na stran! 

Glendalough was very different from the first (and second:)) time I visited. It was wet, cold and consequently, deserted. However, that means there was much more peace and silence than usually, and there were many awesome waterfalls. It really felt different this time around and I enjoyed this other picture very much. Of course, kids must have some time sometimes and you can see this in the pictures.:D

Bus photo ... but I think it looks cool :)

It statred rainy.
But that has it upsides :)

Lower lake.
Upper lake.
And now the fun :D
URSKA and IRSKA ... see the resembelance? ;)
Kilkenny (click!) is a beautiful city, I really recommend you to visit, if ever in Ireland. The norman castle is truly magnificent and the city centre is small, but very lively, full of caffee houses and pubs to enjoy the best the city has to offer. We certainly did.:)

Kilkenny castle
And the other side :)

The gardens

The river

The view from above :)

And finally, had to include this one! <3
So this was an overview of our trip! It was short, but definitely ful of fun and spontaneous moments. It was great having you here, Mateja. And talk to you soon!


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