petek, 14. november 2014

November Howth


the second story of Matejas visit coming up!

On our second day together Mayeja and me visited Howth. You can maybe remember, that I was there already, but I loved it so much, I decided to take Mateja there too.

Some of the top experiences of the day:
- seeing the cliffs. the first view is amazing!
- coffee overloking the sea and feeding a huge dog with the biscuits.
- chips with vinegar! surprisingly delicious.
- walking the longest loop walk.
- the fence made of seashells.
- seeing multiple seals in the water! of course, none would pose for a photo.
- seeing a WHOLE BUNCH of rabbits.
- aslo seeing rat and some interesting birds.
- climbing rocks and touching the sea (Mateja:))

We did a ful day of walking along the cliffs and enjoying the views in the sun, but our favourite part
was a little hidden beach we found. So here are a few of my favourite moments of the day!



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