ponedeljek, 10. november 2014

Mateja comes to visit!

Hello everybody!

Last week I had a plesure of hosting my best friend from home, Mateja in my home in Maynooth and showing her around Ireland. We had a blast! It was so great to finally see somebody from home after two months of living abroad. So it was one happy reunion when we first saw each other at the Dublin airport.

In our week together we did a little bit of everything: the cliffs, the towns, the castles, Dublin, Maynooth, college life and classes, irish dancing and singing, traditional food and partying of course! And I got to hear all the news from home. :) I hope you enjoyed as much as I did, Mateja!

I will show you what we did in a few separate posts, today I would like to share with you what we did in our first day together, when I showed Mateja around college and my town. Enjoy the clips!

It was sunny afternoon

Every where we go, she finds something to climb on :)

Carton house
Until the next time!

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