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Belfast is an unusual city. It has a different vibe than every other Irish city I wisited. Cities on the west are colorful, touristy, loud and surrounded by amazing nature. Dublin is clearly a Guinness city, cozy and nice and ful of kind people. Maynooth is a student town. Belfast was just different than anything else I saw. But I expected that.

Maybe thats because of all the warnings I received before I visited. Maybe thats because the books I read. I dont know. But when you visit, some things are clear. Belfast is a city of its people. Its also a city of division. Its the city of flags and sad, sad history that is wraped into present times. And you can not escape the past, not even today or as a tourist. Its there. From 1969 to 1998, in the era known as 'The Troubles', 15000 bombs were planted across the Notrhern Ireland by both chatolic and protestant groups. Since that time over 3500 people died in the country and Belfast witnessed some of the worst battles. Today, a wall separates the side-by-side living protestand and chatolic communities. Ironically, its called the peace lane.

Today Belfast tries to wake in the modern times. Our guide, residenting in Belfast told us: 'I dont want any more fighting. I want peace, I want peace for my children and grandchildren. I dont think any side is right, more violence is not the answer. I was born a protestant and I think the protestant extremists are wrong. But if I said that in my local pub, they would beat me.'

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