sreda, 03. december 2014

Winter in Maynooth

 Today was just another day, spent like many before in the last weeks. Getting up rather late, having some slow breakfast and then, to the campus and straight into the library, looking for books that might help me write those essays. And then work, work, work. Getting out of the library when the night falls, and home to cook some dinner. So Erasmus is not all fun, theres also work to do, you know. (Of course, a huge plus for me is a Starbusks caffee in the library. I seriously couldnt live withouth the daily cup of caffee anymore. OK, I could ... but that would be very sad days ... )The time is running out and because Im coming home for Christmas I have some lovely exams before that happens. So I put partying aside for some time.

But today was a little bit different, because I had a choir rehearsal after the studying. That means, that after the library I went to the south campus, where we had the rehearsal (Christmas concert is coming up!). It was a nice finish of the day. And on the way back I took the photo on the top of the post of the magical campus in the dark, which I wanted to share here. (Of course the real thing is a lot prettier, but this is pretty awesome as well, right?:))


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