torek, 23. december 2014

Home sweet home


Im home again. It has gone by soo quickly. In Ireland in met some amazing people, traveled to some amazing places, tried some new things. It was undoubtedly the best semester of my student life. And for sure I can say, I will come back. I dont know when, but Ive fallen in love with Ireland and there is still some much more to see and do. Right now the past four month seem lika a dream. Ive woken up, but who says I cant go back to sleep? :)
Ive learned a lot about myself. I want my life to be an adventure. So theres no way Im going back now ...

The best of Ireland in photos:

Yes, I will miss it. I will miss my Irish life, my friends, my landlady, my school ... Its been a great ride.

I will also miss this blog, that now ends, just like my experience abroad. However, if you enjoyed reading it, I decided to start new blog, where you can read about my upcoming traveling adventures, you are most welcome there:

And if you liked what I had to say about Ireland or study abroad, I encourage you to give it a go if you can: its been awesome.

Hope to see you around!


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