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The mini-travel guide to Dublin

If you are planning to visit Dublin, there are two things that everyone wants to do/see: The Guinness factory and the Temple bar. There is however, a lot more to the capital of Ireland than just Guinness. Here you have some of my photos of my new favourite city, taken some time ago, but at present cold and wet weather it seemed right to update my blog with something a little more bright and sunny. So here u have it, a few of my favourite spots in the city and a little something about them.

1. The Liffey river and Ha'penny bridge

The Ha'penny bridge is one of the prettiest among the bridges over Liffey. The river itself is like a vain, connecting different parts of the city together and on a sunny day, stroling along is one of the nicest activities, since it is allways good to go outside, while the sun is up, as that does not happen all the time ... :) The bridge takes its name from the one and a half pence - ha'penny - the amount that you had to pay in the old days, to gain the right to cross the bridge. Today the crossing is free and the bridge is as beautiful as it was in the 1816, when it was built.

2. The Temple Bar

While you might think The Temple Bar is a bar or a pub, you would be mistaken. But no worries, everybody thinks that when they first come to Dublin. :) The Temple Bar is actually an area on the south bank of Liffey. Its renowned for its nightlife and it undoubtedly the centre of Dublins pub/Irish music activites. You can show in Temple Bar any day of the week, any hour and you will find a place with live Irish music. Its that serious. However, rather than sitting down for a pint or two, I recomend walking around and soaking up the atmosphere. It can be really fun. And the live music found on the street can be as good as in the pubs - street music is a big part of Dublins culture!

3. Shopping in Dublin  

On the photo above there is one crowded street in Dublin, I dont even know which one. But if you are in Dublin, there are two 'shopping areas' in the city cantre, excluding the shopping malls as I think walking along the street in popping in one shop here and there, that you like is much more fun. Those areas are the Grafton street (more famous) and the Henry street. I love the both areas, but I think Henry street is a little less crowded and it has one pretty unique attraction: the Church bar, which is exactly what it seems. Amazing, ha? On the other hand, on the end of Grafton street there is Stephens Green, which is a lovely park, where you can sit and relax (maybe with some Chinese take away, which I really like here - just a tip;)), feed the ducks, enjoy the sun. And right now, that is the sight for Dublins Chirstmas market. Here, on the map I marked all the stops for you: click. If you are more into crafts and traditional Irish shopping I recomend you google for farmers markets - they have them almost everywhere.

4. The view from the O'Connell Bridge

If you ask me for the most beautiful view on the Dublin city, that would be it. Stop on the O'Connell bridge and just stare across the river. And that would be the perfect way to finish any day in Dublin and todays post.

5. Other things not to miss

If you need some more ideas, what to do there are a few thing I would really recomend. My favourite things to do in Dubil include: the Kilmainham Gaol, the Butlers chocolates, the National Leprechaun Museum, the General Post Office, Trinity College, Pheonix Park, choral singing at St Patricks ... but there are allways new things to discover and enjoy!

Talk to you soon!
Love, Urška

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