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My first half marathon!

On Saturday I finished my first half marathon. It was Clontarf November half Marathon and 10k. (click.)

This was like 'my little project' while I am in Ireland, I decided to run regulary and then, towards the end of my stay, I would run a half marathon. Just something to keep me motivated.
And I can tell you now, it was everything I wanted it to be. I am really proud of myself for doing it and I finished with a really good time. But lets start at the begining ... :)

So everything begun, when my amazing younger sister started training running, well actually mountain running. So soon our family started taking her to all those runing events and it was really cool to see her do well. And then my other sister decided to start running too. First year, she run 10k, the next year 21k and this year she successfully finished the first full marathon. I was super proud of her and amazed how she could just decide and the do it. And then, of course, my parents joined in and soon everybody was going to this runing events all around the country. So at one point I decided, if they can do it, so can I. And that year we all run Ljubljana 10k. And that was me achieving the goal, when I finished the race, I said, that is it, its enough, I am never running again! I did a few more runs over the years, but nothing big. However, everybody can change their mind. My biggest inspiration were my sisters, both so determined. First Lucija, waking up at 5am to do her trainig, and then Polona, deciding to run a marathon and finish it. So I said, maybe I can do it as well ... 

When I came to Ireland I wanted to start a new hobby. After all, I  had a lot of free time and I could spend my mornings doing other things than just weatching HIMYM for the fifth time. So I decided. I will start running and if I feel good about it after a month, I will start training for a 21k. And I did it. I was starting to really enjoy my running routine. Sometines I went alone, sometimes with Pavel (my friend form Czech Republik) and it was going great. So I applied for the latest event I could find, so I had enough time for trainings and statred to run longer distances. Sometimes it was a lovely sunny morning, sometimes it was raining cats and dogs, I went either way. And so 3 months passed.

29.11. was the D day. I had Leni with me, it was her fifth run this year, so no big deal for her. It was great to have somebody to go together, its allways more fun, and shes such a great girl. The trace was placed at the Dublin bay, so 2 buses at Saturday morning and we were there.

So this is the course of the run, by the beach, to the island, and back again. The weather was just right: dry, not to cold and sunny at the finishing line. There were 3000 runners at the start line, so the energy was awesome! And then we started ... it was easier than I expected, because a lot of people running makes you forget about the kms. And part of the course was set on the sandy beach, look:

This is the beach we were running on! On the way back I even stoped for a moment to pick up a sea shell - just something to remember. :)
 The last 3k were the worst - you think its over, but then its not over yet and its another, and then another and then, finnally, you see the finish line and all is good. Kerstin, Melissa and Vera were standing at the finish line and cheering for me which was really nice. So here I am, 500m before the end. I dont look tired, do I? (I was and a lot:D) I finished with the result 2:01:56.

So yeah, I did it! Thank u Leni for running with me, thank u Kerstin, Melissa, Vera and Maria to come cheering and thank u Lucija and Polona for inspiration. And I am never running again!

 Finishers photo. Leni did amazingly well, her time was around 1:41! Congratz!

Till the next time!

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  1. Congratulations! :D I understand that HIMYM addiction ... it stopped me from doing some exercise many times :)

    1. Hehe, v bistvu ne poznam nikogar, ki mu ta serija ne bi bila všeč!:)

  2. Haha, na tisti fotki res zgledaš čisto lahkotna, kot da bi se ravnokar pridružila :D
    Kapo dol za disciplino!