nedelja, 14. december 2014

Christmas in Maynooth + Concert

Since Christmas (and the end of my stay) is quickly approaching, I would like to share with you a few snaps of Maynooth christmas. Firstly, my house is decorated. And i mean DECORATED. There are little Santas and little Rudolphs and little teddys dressed in santa clothes everywhere. There is like fifty of them. And some can dance, some can singt, and one teddy bear can tell the nativity story. So lets just say its official, its Christmas time.

Here is what I listen to, when I want to bring myself a little irish christmas feeling: click.
So now, that you are all set, here are the photos.

College Chapel in preparations on the Christmas Carols
Some decorations of the main square,
Christmas market in one of the schools.

Also, last Wednesday the Gospel Choir I am singing at kinda had a concert at the local church. I had SO MUCH fun an I hope my audience enjoyed as well! Here is the only photo I have, bay quality, but just something to remember. And the set list was awesome, the music was awesome, the solo singers were so good and there was dancing, claping, audience participation, u name it. Overall, a night to rememer. At least, I will.

So till the next time!

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